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The use of common off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions to automate basic business processes may be viable in certain situations. However, a firm will only gain true advantages in the marketplace if it embraces the use of custom technologies to support the functions that allow it to differentiate itself from its competitors. COTS software does not provide this potential for an organization–it converges toward being a non-differentiating commodity that will not greatly establish a firm’s competitive advantage.

NetLink believes that the only way an organization can gain a dominant technological advantage over its competitors is by developing custom solutions for its unique and complex needs. In addition, the use of web application technologies provides great capabilities for the distributed nature of most organizations. Our firm was founded and continues to exist on the core philosophy that custom web solutions provide immense opportunities for our clients.

At Netlink, we work with businesses to analyze opportunities, recommend technology strategies, and execute digital / mobile / web solutions that improve customer engagement, revenues, and operational efficiencies. We dissect complex business challenges, develop quick-to-market platforms that overcome them, and provide ongoing, professional support that allows you to focus on your business rather than managing multiple vendors. Our team delivers solutions that address hospitality, financial, workflow automation, and marketing needs. We serve a wide range of organizations, from SMBs to large companies in the private sector, as well as government and non-profits.


We approach your digital, mobile & web needs as a strategic partner by dissecting complex business challenges and recommending technology solutions that are scalable and quick-to-market.


Using our Netlink Adaptive Process™, we help navigate business objectives and needs, and provide digital solutions that are scalable, reliable and manageable.  Our adaptive process is balanced with the disciplined, professional oversight needed for successful results. 


We provide cloud hosting with high up-time, durability and scalability. Fortune 500, SMB, governament and non-profit clients have trusted Netlink to manage all aspects of their online assests for nearly two decades.

Technical Expertise

Solving business challenges with web technologies requires a team that utilizes a myriad of technical tool sets. At NetLink, we stay current with the latest technologies while maintaining a vast knowledge of legacy platforms required to support our clients.


• ASP Classic
• Java / J2EE
• Ruby On Rails
• ColdFusion
• Perl
• C, C++, C#
• Visual Basic
• COM+


• JavaScript
• Flash
• ActionScript


• Microsoft Windows
• Linux
• Mac OS X
• freeBSD
• .NET Framework
• Apache
• ColdFusion Server


• SQL Server
• Oracle
• PostgreSQL
• Informix Redbrick
• MS Access