NetLink Resource Group created a custom web application for Marriott International to provide hotel guests with the ability to select amenities – for example, reserving a pack ‘n play for children or booking a golf outing – before their arrival at any client hotel in the world.  The application allows for customers to book both free and paid services prior to arrival and serves as an additional up-selling tool for the client, thereby significantly increasing revenues.   It provides for a more consistent tracking of amenities requests – based on the specific offerings of each hotel – providing better overall service by meeting customers’ particular needs.  NetLink also extended the application to include the Ritz-Carlton hotel brand, with unique features.

Since its initial deployment, the site’s capabilities have consistently grown.  For example, customer requests are now passed to Marriott’s hotel platform system through the use of web services technology, creating a fully integrated solution.  In addition, the Marriott customer portal underwent a complete re-design using Web 2.0 methodologies, as did the robust administrative portal that allows for sophisticated content management control and configuration by a diverse set of users at the corporate, regional, and hotel level.  The new version went live in August of 2010.